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Notice of Brazil customs regulations

Hongkong DHL notice, Brazil customs regulations, all imported privately shipment, quantity is not the same product more than 3, otherwise the customs will refuse to customs clearance and arrange shipment delivery to return (return will not have any notice), all freight arising from shall be borne by the consignor. The same number of products, if more than 3, only through the company and to import customs clearance mode of formal.

If the shipment is formal customs clearance, the recipients must have the registration in the local customs, and the need to hire an Proxy Companies to help clear customs clearance. The recipient can also choose DHL as customs clearance agent, at the same time, the recipient needs to provide clearance for power of attorney and customs clearance instructions to DHL, the customs clearance agent service has the additional fees and tariffs, and all customs clearance fees can be paid by the recipient, not paid by the sender. The recipient can also use their own customs clearance agent. At present Brazil only St Paul's VCP and GRU two ports can handle the formal customs clearance procedures, such as the recipient is not in the two port city, he can apply for the transfer of goods to the nearest Customs Supervision Center (there are additional charges), while in the two port arrange formal customs clearance procedures. Because Brazil DHL in local and no customs supervision of goods transport authority, so the need for third party agency designated by the customs to arrange, resulting in the storage and transport fees should be paid directly to the relevant designated agent. 1, Brazil customs amount according to the following amount varied: a) b) Freight charge freight customs commodity code for Commodity 's HS Code Full description of C) with the name the goods description of goods) Destination City D and state destination city and state E) Insurance amount (if applicable) insurance premiums (if applicable) f) Declared value g Gross weight declared value of goods) goods gross weight

2 formal clearance restrictions on goods customs code and different, the following documents necessary for the formal declaration (bill of lading, the original invoice, packing list):

The A. waybill

A) as required for formal customs clearance of imported goods in the consignment note, the name column fill in 'formal import'

B) need to declare truthfully fill out the value in the value column

B. original invoice

A) Tax ID (CNPJ) number of the receiver/importer recipient / import tariff (CNPJ) b) Tariff code customs tariff number C) Country of origin of the goods D country of origin of goods) Complete description of detailed description of goods goods description E) Unit price of items, number of pieces and total price the price of goods, quantity and total f) Gross and net weight gross and net weight g) Incoterm and export regulations h Signature international trade terms) on each copy (in blue ink) each invoice shall be in blue ink signature I) If the freight is pre-paid, its value has to be mentioned as a separate item; if transport collect, no need to inform it on the invoice such as freight prepaid, the invoice should separate a marked freight, total declared value should include the freight. Such as to pay the freight, the invoice is not specified.

C. packing list

Packing list, invoice and waybill is as important, if missing, may produce a fine or cause delays in customs clearance.

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