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About Us

Shenzhen Yuhangda International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a professional international air and ocean freight, courier services company, has a number of air and sea green sent to the country - pack clearance and delivery. Five international courier DHL UPS TNT EMS FedEx an agent. Half the world's countries have also express special promotion. We uphold the "good faith" principle, rapid development. Another in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Beijing and other parts of the country have set up offices and branches. The Company express lanes affordable, safe and efficient operation. Able to operate some of the other can not express air transport special goods. Such as: brand goods, batteries, magnets, powders, cosmetics, medicines, health products, mobile phones, food, electronic cigarettes and other special items.

Main scope and advantages:

An international air transport (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other take-off)

1, door-to-airport service port of destination, customs clearance,

(1) All major cities in China can free pick, such as: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other inland cities;

(2) Chinese second-tier cities can be with the domestic brands: Debon logistics, world Arima, SF Express to pay, payment collection, and monthly statements;

(3) free inspection of goods, packaging, reinforcement, photographs and other services;

2, easy to operate export declaration

(A) does not require any customs information, simply packing slips and invoices will be able to export;

(2) cell products can go a variety of electronic goods, without customs inspection;

(3) a variety of textiles, abrasive, precious products (mobile phones, laptops, LED, etc.), safe and efficient export of Division I full purchase insurance;

3, an agency partner airlines:

(1) South American routes: route without U.S. Airways: Chilean Air-LA, Australian aviation-QF, Air New Zealand-NZ, British Airways-BA, Air France-AF, etc.;

(2) European routes: China Southern Airlines-CZ, CX-CX, Singapore Airlines SQ, EVA Air-BR, Thai Airways-TG, Emirates-EK, UPS and aviation;

(3) Middle Eastern airlines: Emirates-EK, Saudi Arabian Airlines-SV, Cathay Pacific Airways-CX, cartel-QR, etc.; (4) North American routes: EVA Air-BR, Korean-KE, China Southern Airlines-CZ , China International Aviation-CA, UPS aviation lights;

(5) routes in Southeast Asia: Singapore Airlines-SQ, CX-CX, China Airlines CI, Philippine Airlines PR Aviation, India-AI, Thailand-TG, etc.;

(6) Australia route: Australian-QF, NZ-NZ, Chile-LA, etc.;

More than 30 Division I and playing board aviation, fixed accommodation, around the world nearly 500 international airports. Which the European (nearly 200 airports) USA and Canada (nearly 130 airport) Asia / Australia (nearly 80 airports) Africa (nearly 50 airports) South America (nearly 50 airports).

Second, the international express (FEDEX / UPS / DHL / TNT / EMS / Middle East ARAMEX / Hong Kong packet / Singapore EMS, etc.) 3-4 days around the world

(A) no customs declaration can be exported;

(2) be able to take a variety of built-in battery of electronic products, batteries can go pure goods; such as: the entire mobile phone, notebook computer batteries, LED, etc.;

(3) to the Middle East 21 countries, Aramex courier DHL faster than lower prices, greater clearance;

Third, international shipping (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong)

(A) no customs declaration (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong packet counters can be shipped)

(2) co shipping companies: COSCO, APL, HANJIN, PIL, WANGHAI, MSC, etc.

(3) 20,000 square warehouse and advanced electronic warehouse management system, can in our warehouse loading, sealed cabinet, inspection, etc.

Shipping channel selection method:

1 general cargo (no brand clothing, domestic products in China Customs no record of foreign brand goods, etc.): If to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries can choose our company's international line, customs clearance speed, timeliness assurance, low prices;

2, foam goods can first choose EMS, because EMS excluding bulbs (peripheral length can not be more than 2.5 meters) can save large sums of money to receive the goods: clothing, bags, shoes, electronic products, all kinds of crafts, golf.

3, fake cards and other goods (the post office to send items except limit), you can choose EMS, then according to a recent post offices, the customs clear conditions Select shipping offices

4, if aging requires a larger, general cargo can reach international line Yuhangda, DHL, UPS, FEDEX.

The company has a number of a long period of rigorous training, both rich air express delivery and knowledge of professionals, not only to provide you with a variety of express, air imports, air exports, domestic air transportation consulting, and the company can provide professional logistics according to your recommendations to ensure that the goods on time, fast reach the other customers. For example if your company under the relevant courier bill of lading number, can be traced through the Internet, although delivery of related goods, including shipment, transit, delivery time, when the sign, customs clearance and so on. The company always attaches importance to quality, customer first, in checked every detail, both as far as possible to give detailed answers, so that our customers are checked for satisfaction every time. Welcome to inquire ~

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