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Our culture

First, core values

1, is the pursuit of customers realize the dream in the field of international logistics, and rely on the little bit hard to pursue, keep on carving, enable us to become the world's leading enterprises. To achieve international, we must have a common goal and joint efforts, solidarity organization.

2, in the organization of each appointment should be the most capable people can find. Moreover, these people should have the opportunity to improve their technology and skills through continuing education and training, plan. All the staff in the organization is lifelong learning, constantly seeking new and better methods of work.

3, all staff at all levels should enthusiastically. As an important management positions should not only have passion, and, should also have the ability to summon the colleagues enthusiasm. Not allowed to exist, especially not allowed half-hearted concern and efforts in charge of personnel.

4, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and working achievement, all staff at all levels should be toward common goals consistent effort and avoid conflict.

Second, the profit

Profit and growth is to promote all other target implementation tool. In order to pay for the needed funds for the development of our company, and provide the resources needed to achieve the other goals of our company, we must get enough profit. Profit is not something you can put off until tomorrow to get things, but today we must obtain. This means that to correctly and efficiently to work. Each member of the daily work will enable us to profit growth become the promotion of all other target implementation tool. We should all be on to get profit and responsibility.

Third, customer service

Understand customer requirements, meet their requirements: for customer service is the first responsibility, increase customer value realization; hard work, emphasis on productivity, quickly solve customer problems, continuous improvement, never satisfied, good at problem analysis from the customer's point of view, to take action. To maintain a good reputation, sees himself as a special part of a whole.

Fourth, integrity

We want to say, do what we say -- communication open, direct; respect for others, just as we hope to be respected; the courage to admit their mistakes -- not to blame on others; do every thing, and strive to set a good example.

Fifth, growth

We are in the field of international logistics services for customers, and our growth. If motionless, will lose the position, be eliminated. If we don't continue to grow not in our service areas to maintain a good leader. The company's growth is very important for attracting the ability strong person. The ability strong person always willing to put their own future and for their personal progress and provides a great opportunity to company together. In a growing company, the ability of people more opportunities and more challenging.

Sixth, our staff

Help staff to share the success of the company, it is because of the employee to make the success achieved; to staff performance as the basis, to provide protection for the employee occupation; recognition of individual achievement; ensure the staff due to complete the job satisfaction.

We feel, manager attitude of its staff than details personnel plan is more important. As long as the employees to their superior, such as the company's motivation and integrity have confidence, human relations will be good.

In a growing company, can enhance the opportunities often than can be qualified personnel promotion. A lot of opportunities, the individual must take advantage of these opportunities through training and their growth.

We hope that the employees feel to work in the company and happy, we are proud of the achievements of employees. Therefore, we must ensure that everyone gets his evaluation need and deserve. In the final analysis, employees at all levels to determine the nature and strength of our company.

Seventh, management

The person has full freedom of action in the realization of clearly defined objectives, and encourage staff's initiative and creativity. Business policy is "target management". Therefore, each level of the organization each person should make him realize the objectives of the company plan; after approval, within the general policy of these plans and our company's scope, each person should have a wide range of freedom to work; finally, he realizes his goal should be determined by each a man's work performance level evaluation.

"Management by objectives" of the successful implementation of a two-way channel. Managers must ensure that each employee understand current goals, long-term goals and policies such as company. So, one of the company's liability management is essential for the exchange of information and understanding of each other. On the other hand, the employee must fully care he needs to work, put forward new solutions to old problems, strain every nerve to make their due contribution. "Target management" is different from the order management. Provides free and contribute to the opportunities for every employee. It makes every employee has the obligation to play to the initiative of the individual and enthusiasm for work.

In this case, it is particularly important:

1, always remember the power of entire firm. And realize the coordination between each and every business units have profitable growth is vital for us to.

2, must establish and strictly implement the policy throughout the company. We welcome all levels of staff suggestion on company policy. At the same time, we hope that at any time all staff at all levels to implement these policies.

3, leadership management to strictly enforce the 21 leadership principles:

1, we are looking for opportunities to people, not the title claimant. We create and production without success.

2, we value driving. The performance oriented.

3, we eat their own cookies, put the egg in our own basket.

4, we for the dash for marathon training. We paused, entertainment, but never give up, always learning

5, we for succession planning, training future leaders.

6, action is the language of the standard, "if you do not practice, you wouldn't believe it."

7, if we can't improve the enthusiasm enthusiastic, excellent service and marketing, we can't lead.

8, we believe that our sales and service.

9, when we provide excellent service to customers, we provide additional value that can't replace.

10, no friendly competitors.

11, we believe that a disciplined lean tissue. We would rather buy a grand piano, also not hiring unnecessary or give unnecessary work.

12, we according to performance pay, by right ascension, not religious, financial strength, gender, race or friendship.

13, the creation of profit should share the profits, create, share more.

14, we formulate the budget to budget.

15, we seek to understand, to increase our market share, so that our business values and profit growth, if we ignore our market share, we will lose the market, risk and failure.

16, we made a mistake on the recognition of. The truth cannot be discounted. We report the problems and possible, not report to flatter.

17, we enhance the others rather than themselves, we oppose equalitarianism.

18, we must have the spirit of independence, but not a free hand.

19, the customer first, the customer is a friend.

20, we are the hope of the prisoner, but we hope to support us, our vision to inspire us as we should become the leader. "Doubt that you saw in the light of things not in the dark."

21, according to our God image creation, our leadership achievement beyond the scope of work. Story will be changed the lives of the lips.

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