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Bring the multinational logistics enterprises!

At present, the world's largest logistics companies mostly take the head office and branch system, take the headquarters of centralized logistics operation, the implementation of business vertical management, is actually the integrated management mode (only one command center, the other is the operating point).

In practice, the mode of operation requires a unified command center, a modern logistics operation center. For effective control of modern logistics guarantee. From the logistics business content, the content of each one is not complex, but the coordination of the whole process service must establish an efficient and authoritative organization system, can control the state and the future operation of the implementation of logistics, and can timely and effective handling of cohesion in the various difficult problems and emergencies. That is to say the need for regulation center, has a strong ability to command the very soul to control and coordination of the entire logistics business. Various interfaces and various decision must be linked together, to create a working system.

If the departments have stressed that he is a profit center, consider the problem will always cost and maximum profit together, certainly no competitive this quotation. So, in the logistics business, bear the full service, can only have a profit center, all other agencies, departments should be a cost center, profit center all obey the command, all for profit center service, all the best interests of the profit center for their own interests.

Can say, without a strong command center and internal organic connection of the operation of the network, is not a real sense of logistics. Modern logistics real must be a control center, a profit center, form of business organization, frame, system must match with a center. On one hand, requires segment firmly subordinate to the headquarters, headquarters control the height of the segment, segment can be specialized, in the work process standardization. On the other hand, the headquarters must have ability of accuracy and control command, design ability, high risk to grasp the market strong.

To do this, without the ability to quickly respond to the market, must be to achieve information-based, networked do guarantee. In the management and operation of modern logistics, information technology and information network plays a very important role, even is a sign of the image of the company and the core competitiveness of the. Therefore, professional logistics enterprises large is usually a management system, quality assurance system, information management system and customer management system.

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