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The strategic development of logistics industry!

Strategic positioning of node in city logistics service system construction and development.

Positioning of the reasons. Logistics service system is an organic whole of city logistics elements of composition, involves four major aspects of the logistics infrastructure, logistics equipment, logistics service and logistics management. For node city, no matter what kind of regional development strategy, even as a general city non node, construction in the development of logistics industry in both the need for logistics service system. Due to the different logistics system construction and policy, great difference will lead to city logistics cost, efficiency and service level etc.. Therefore, as the logistics node city, based on the location of regional logistics strategy, should be based on the need to not only serve the city and services in the region, the strategic positioning of logistics service system of city node, in order to clarify the logistics service system of the whole and the part of the thinking of building.

Strategic positioning service system construction and idea. Due to the assumed node city in regional logistics services to different requirements, for each part of the system of logistics service, the differences in their strategic positioning of construction and the train of thought, must be clear about the various elements of the specific strategies and ideas.

(1) the logistics infrastructure. For the logistics node city, at the strategic level, the construction and development of logistics infrastructure, mainly consider two aspects: one is the function and scale of logistics infrastructure. To the needs of production and life in accordance with the city itself, as well as the city service area of logistics service demand, considering the service function of overall and partial logistics infrastructure and scale. For the city itself, mainly is the planning and construction of logistics services, as well as the construction of city distribution network, to carry out the construction in accordance with the function and the size of matching, distribution center and distribution network efficiency of matching requirements. For the regional services, mainly the construction of regional distribution facilities and regional radiation needed to transport facilities, cohesion and functional needs to solve distribution center and city distribution center, transportation facilities, matching. Two is the spatial layout of the logistics infrastructure. In the infrastructure of the function and the size of the basis, main task space layout is reasonable division of labor between different infrastructure and efficient operations, should be a reasonable division of labor between distribution center and distribution center, to realize the city distribution and regional distribution of the organic connection, should not affect the efficiency of city traffic as the basis, to achieve a variety of facilities between the organic, efficient transport links.

(2) the logistics technology and equipment. The significance of logistics technology and equipment for the service system is to improve the logistics node city development level and the operation efficiency, therefore, must be given attention in strategy. For the node of city, the development direction of technical equipment and the level of quality, is the key to construct the service system of high quality logistics city, although in the relevant technical standards and lack of discourse right, but for the advanced logistics technology warehousing, transportation, distribution, information technology and other aspects of the equipment used, can be guided by the relevant technical policies and fiscal policy, formed a relatively clear conform to the technical development direction of the lifting equipment development direction. Therefore, from the city to regional service logistics system level, type of technology node city needs a clear technical equipment and encourage the basic direction of development, in order to improve the level of technology and equipment of city logistics development, maintain and improve the node of city in the development of regional logistics competitiveness.

(3) logistics service. Logistics service is a core part of the construction of the service system, is the guarantee conditions of city logistics nodes play function. In the construction of logistics infrastructure layout and technical equipment to enhance the development of the foundation, logistics services by enterprises. Therefore, cultivation, the introduction and development of logistics enterprises, is the focus of logistics service development strategy. Starting from the node of city logistics industry development status and function, and level of development to enhance the quality of logistics services, in the strategy is mainly to solve the following problems: one is the logistics services and corporate structure of city node. For services, mainly in accordance with the logistics service demand and service area city itself, clearly the direction of logistics service enterprises and the city logistics development direction matching, important service to the logistics enterprises to become the city play function of logistics support; for the service structure, is the development of division of labor and cooperation between different services enterprises rely on the logistics base the facilities and operation conditions of formation, improve the service structure aims to make all kinds of logistics service enterprises have good development, improve the operation efficiency and service level of the enterprise. Two is the node of city logistics service organization. Is in accordance with the city its delivery service demand and regional distribution service demand, the formation of logistics enterprises and between enterprises, between enterprises and facilities, different scope of logistics operation between efficient, smooth logistics service organization, enhance organizational degree of finish all kinds of logistics services, to create the organization environment and conditions for the development of logistics industry cluster. The three is the development of logistics service enterprises. Is the basis for the development of problem in solving the above two aspects of the, to cultivate and the introduction of city need service, organization and leading role of the logistics enterprises, for the node of city, it is important to develop the logistics service capabilities of networked enterprise, in order to support these enterprises, relying on city logistics node completed in the regional range of aggregation and agglomeration, lay the basis for the development of enterprises logistics industry is formed with incremental development ability.

(4) logistics management. Based on the direction of a clear development strategy of logistics infrastructure, logistics equipment, logistics service and content, in the logistics management, need to make clear the following ideas: one is conducive to the development of logistics service system construction management environment. This kind of environment is not only the formulation of a number of city logistics development policy issues, but need the facilities, equipment and services in accordance with the node of city development and functions match, straighten out the relationship between each relevant management departments. On this basis, management mechanism can form a better, if not a mechanism to adjust, also need to be in accordance with the requirements of a unified strategy, adjustment of each relevant department management, logistics development strategy objective of serving node city, will be the construction of logistics service system of city node into the synergistic management ability management environment, accelerate the construction of the development of logistics service system. Two is the formation of organizational environment and the implementation of unified planning. The construction of logistics service system of city is the node and its strategic target system function together, although the development relates to different segments, but in the overall objectives, different levels and different department and link the planning interface, formed to promote synergy, is very important. Such as transport facilities, logistics and distribution facilities, storage facilities, logistics park and other facilities, at the strategic level of logistics infrastructure of city node has an overall influence, must realize the coordination between the various planning, can form the infrastructure system node city function matching and service convergence. Based on the coordination of planning, implementation of the coordination is also related to the overall development of the city logistics node system, must realize collaborative links and department. Three is the consistent policy direction. Based on the unified management of environment and planning, the need for another problem is to solve the consistency of each department in the logistics development policy promotion, support etc.. The policy for the development of logistics industry departments, can according to the requirements of construction of city logistics node service system as a whole, promote the formation of the development of logistics industry and reasonable. To change the present in many city logistics policy is too dependent on introduction of several policies in order to achieve the development of the logistics industry practice, in the policy is conducive to the unity of the development environment to create the work, in order to promote the overall construction and development of logistics service system.

A clear strategic positioning for the development of city logistics nodes, as well as the construction and development of service system of logistics strategic positioning, will enable the city to promote the development of node process in logistics industry, increase initiative and purpose of development, make the development of city economy development and city logistics nodes in strategic fit, enhance actual effect node city in the development of the logistics industry.

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