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Distribution logistics management enterprise!

Characteristics of distribution of logistics enterprise.

Distribution enterprises are located directly in the face of the terminal market links in the supply chain, have extensive and in-depth marketing network, the customer orientation is more and more clear, the corresponding, logistics management also show some characteristics:

1 of the nationwide logistics network covering capacity requirements

Distribution enterprise generally has a nationwide marketing network (branch, distributor and retailer), is widely distributed in Beijing, Shanghai as a capital city, all two city, also exists in the logistics capability is not developed three or four types of city marketing network; these need not only between the city transportation, city also need the demand distribution, different types of regional customers there are big differences, and many enterprises marketing channels continue to develop in depth, the satellite city, the logistics of suburban coverage requirements are also getting higher and higher, how to plan an effective national logistics network coverage, is an important problem in enterprise logistics distribution the manager must solve good.

2 logistics quick response capability and flexibility requirements more and more high

Due to changes in the market risk, the risk funds, customers are in order more batches, feature less bulk, the timeliness requirements are also getting higher and higher, this requires logistics quick response capability and suitable flexible, to adapt to the change of aging, lot size, not only to meet the sales the demand, and can effectively control the logistics cost.

Inventory planning 3 multi-level and management more complex

The distribution of the planning of the multi-level logistics network of enterprises, must have the good inventory planning and management ability, can in order to lower inventory to ensure the normal sales demand, such as the distribution center headquarters to save much normal inventory, how much safety stock, bring a variety of seasonal, sales policy changes, regional distribution center keep the number of inventory; between headquarters and regional distribution, regional distribution center for the deployment of principle and flexibility of the balance of material, how to more effectively direct distribution etc.. At the same time, this kind of inventory management should take into account the various channels of inventory, otherwise the inventory plan has a large deviation may. Multi-echelon inventory management to bring greater complexity.

The development trend of enterprise logistics, distribution

In the integration, China logistics general information, the trend of globalization, the distribution of logistics enterprise performance is more obvious in some trend:

1 pay more attention on by the use and integration of tourism resources, is to develop into a supply chain logistics pioneer

China's logistics has developed to supply chain logistics, integration, from internal integration to external integration development, and distribution enterprises because of its position in the supply chain integration, pay more attention to the upstream resources utilization and downstream resources, can be said to be to the development of supply chain logistics pioneer.

2 to establish closer to customers operating model, customer satisfaction oriented

Many enterprises to provide customers more satisfied with the service, have set up customer-oriented operation mode, the establishment of regional distribution center and city distribution center, more than 90% of the service to take a one-stop, door to door service, and regular survey, evaluation of customer satisfaction, as the improvement objectives and basis.

logistics and business flow separation trend more obvious

A few years ago, a lot of logistics is to route running entirely dependent on trade, many take headquarters - Branch - customer mode, inefficient logistics a lot of low efficiency and high cost, bring; later, many enterprises begin to adopt the business flow, logistics separation mode, in the supply of goods is the headquarters and regional distribution center - customer mode, let the logistics according to its own rules of relatively independent operation, the headquarters of the enterprise logistics planning of logistics management in China, including inventory planning and management, logistics cost budget and assessment, branches and no longer has the management of goods, and the regional distribution center headquarters is responsible for, this separation reduce bring fragmented management of waste of resources.

4 specialized internal logistics function trend

Some of the capital and management capacity of enterprises, began to establish their own independent logistics company. On one hand, as the need for the cultivation of the core competence, to meet their own needs in the competition, on the other hand, the effective integration and utilization of resources, and gradually form of the industry and cross-industry provide logistics solutions and services for logistics providers, become the profit mechanism. As a group, the communications industry, to set up specialized logistics company, first assume the group's logistics function, and then gradually to become a professional logistics service providers of the entire industry; a Book Publishing Group, also to the internal logistics division, the establishment of professional logistics companies, to meet the needs of logistics specialization.

Two, and the role of logistics in the retailing enterprise status

Enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of logistics in business, more and more attention to logistics management. In retailing enterprise, position and function of logistics in the following two points it out:

1 out of the market competition, logistics has become one of the core competitiveness of many enterprises.

Logistics has become the development, maintenance, the most important factor to support control marketing network, has become the one of customers and an important factor affecting customer satisfaction. Some enterprises even with a strong logistics capabilities, occupied the position of main chain in the whole supply chain, supplier, in terminal market are difficult to replicate the advantages.

2 logistics has become the third profit source, in retailing enterprise reflect the increasingly obvious

With a lot of industry competition, marketing channels, marketing type enterprise profits era seems to have gone for ever, profit more and more thin, have to from a cost and Kung Fu, but the enterprise sales, market, finance, human resources cost can be mining has been little space, and logistics to reduce the cost of space biggest field, enterprises pay more and more attention to this one. The so-called to earn 1 yuan of money, may want to sell 20 yuan goods, but the logistics cost savings of 1 yuan, is 1 yuan of profits.

Many enterprises have established a good marketing network, but the efficiency of the whole network, the actual operation is low, become the bottleneck of great-leap-forward development of enterprise, which is a very important problem, is the logistics ability, cause the core competitiveness of vulnerable.

Three, the distribution analysis of common problems of logistics management in Enterprise

Logistics system is very obvious contradictions coexist, inventory is small, may be out of stock cost is very high, inventory, not only the high cost, also may the backlog; response aging fast, may cost increase, slow aging, could mean losing customers. So the logistics management has very much need to weigh the place, and the logistics management's goal is to achieve the level of customer service and logistics cost balance. Often shown in logistics management of distribution enterprises of the problem, the general focus on the following aspects in the final analysis, the main reason lies in the function of logistics network planning, inventory management, transportation management, customer service, warehouse management is the core of several.

Logistics cost budgeting, accounting, analysis, early warning, progress report.

N statements and queries

The various dimensions of summary, detailed reports; documents, state, action query.

Of course, integrated logistics information system and business system, to avoid the formation of isolated islands of information, can really break the information barrier, improve efficiency and reduce cost, realize the operation optimization. This is not done in detail.

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