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Where B2C e-commerce logistics management to!

E-commerce will become the mainstream business model in twenty-first Century. In the past two years B2C has been developing rapidly in China, various types of shopping sites to provide consumers with a large number of commodities. However, because of the logistics management system is not perfect, can not keep up the pace of development of e-commerce, so that the formation of a distribution bottleneck: service cannot control and assurance, on -

The response is too slow, the field distribution costs are too high, efficiency is low, can distribution to the city scope is little, many problems, restricted the development of B2C business. If the logistics problems of electronic commerce not enough understanding and full attention, the advantage of the electronic commerce is very difficult to play in our country.

A complete e-commerce transaction process generally includes the following four basic "flow": information flow, business flow, capital flow and logistics, as shown in figure 1. Information flow refers to various information about trading exchange; trade refers to a series of activities in the purchase and sale in the transfer of ownership of the goods; capital flow refers to transfer funds in the transaction process; logistics refers to products from suppliers to demanders flow process.

4 kinds of B2C e-commerce logistics mode

By express mail service (EMS) service logistics mode, as shown in figure 2. The realization of e-commerce enterprises or companies to get the shopping list and home address and other information consumers from a web site or virtual web site, and then to the nearby post office to express mail handling the goods will be sent, consumers received a post office delivery notice, to the local post office will take back goods, or by the postman will direct the goods to the customer's home.

By using the EMS method has the characteristics of convenient, fast. But this way has the following problems. First of all, the EMS service charge is high, if this part of the cost burden by enterprises or businesses, its operating profit will be reduced greatly; if borne by consumers, for small cheap goods, consumers will find it difficult to accept. Secondly, EMS is very difficult to ensure that consumers in the expected time sends the goods to.

Website self-built distribution logistics mode, as shown in figure 3. Enterprise or site around the netizen populated areas to set up the distribution point to their own, obtained in the consumer shopping information, the distribution of personnel will be products for consumers door-to-door.

The logistics mode can meet consumer "purchased" psychological needs. But it also exists the following problems. First is the distribution point layout, staff number, commodity inventory is difficult to determine a reasonable. Secondly, due to meet the immediate needs of users, there are strict requirements on the distribution limitation. Obviously, high distribution cost distribution larger commodity.

With the aid of the third party logistics enterprise mode, as shown in figure 4. Third party logistics is the subject of electronic commerce will be part of or all logistics activities entrusted to external professional logistics companies to complete. Logistics company itself does not have the goods, but with the enterprise or business signed a cooperation agreement or form alliance.

By adopting the methods of logistics management, service consumers time than the above two methods are fast, and the service is professional, multi-functional and comprehensive. But if the delivery is too small, the shipping cost is even higher than the EMS service. This management mode requires professional logistics companies to strengthen the construction of infrastructure, the quality of personnel, information system etc..

Binding sites and traditional business model. The traditional business especially in the chain business has be richly endowed by nature resources, abundant reasonable commodities, high value-added services, efficient distribution system, these are the lack of electronic commerce corpus. Integration of e-business and traditional business chain can give full play to the advantages of the two, to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages.

Problems of the development of electronic commerce logistics in our country

Research on logistics theory of 1 is not systematic and deep enough. Research of modern logistics management theory and practical application have been made great progress, there are many new theory. Research on Logistics in China just contact with these new theories, need to be further digestion and absorption.

2 e-commerce logistics infrastructure is still not perfect, new technology, new equipment application is relatively less. Position and role of modern logistics concept, many e-commerce logistics is insufficient, outdated facilities, electronic logistics management of a low level, can not meet the requirements of the rapid development of e-commerce.

3 "can not go", the institutional environment of e-commerce logistics development to be perfect.

4 business environment is relatively backward, resulting in lack of demand of logistics services of electronic commerce, and low professional level. The logistics enterprises in China accounted for the majority, leading to professional logistics is not fully utilized. A large number of single function of freight forwarding enterprise service range is narrow, weak transverse joint, cannot provide a complete supply chain services, unable to meet customer requirements in terms of time and quality of service.

5 logistics talent lack, cannot provide enough intelligence to support the establishment of the new logistics system.

The development of e-commerce logistics and some countermeasures

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