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Logistics is part of the core entities of e-commerce

Logistics is the core of e-commerce entity link.

"Logistics, credit, payment" was the development of electronic commerce constraints three big mountains, and when the "credit and payment" two mountains are removed, "logistics" is still the bottleneck in the development of the industry.

Or self-selected third-party logistics, logistics, still haunts "electricity supplier" strategic decision. This highlights the problems of existing third-party logistics providers can not meet the development needs of electric deep-seated contradictions.

Prior to 2009, electricity providers and private courier once in a "honeymoon period", and third-party logistics is electricity supplier of choice for enterprises.

In recent years, China's e-commerce in particular, the development of online shopping, which greatly promoted China's third-party logistics development, especially private courier; while the "Stone one of" as the representative of the private courier companies to flourish, supported the the rapid development of electronic commerce.

Private courier companies greatly reduce our electricity supplier cost of logistics enterprises. To join the model-based private courier industry to achieve a national low-cost distribution, supporting the electricity supplier companies to quickly open the national market.

Beginning in 2009, with financial strength of large electric commercial enterprises, such as Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and other network operators are beginning to self-built logistics system as a corporate strategic focus. This strategic choice does not mean that self-logistics superior third party logistics, but the existing extensive development does not provide third-party logistics providers meet electrical characteristics of logistics services, unable to meet the electricity supplier industry's sustained and rapid development Logistics deep-seated needs.

The reason is, first, existing third-party logistics companies, logistics personnel overall low level of service, unable to meet the electricity supplier enterprise quality of service requirements; Second, existing third-party logistics enterprise services single, low level of information, unable to meet the electricity supplier enterprise supply chain solutions needs.

Electric commercial enterprises choose this strategy does not represent a long-term development of the logistics industry trends. Logistics point of view from their own characteristics, their professionalism and economies of scale are not determined by the characteristics of the self-logistics industry trends, third party logistics is one of the development of the logistics industry.

Third-party logistics companies must present electricity supplier for the strategic choice of self-built logistics enterprises have a clear understanding of the logistics industry in the long-term trends have a correct judgment.

Many third-party logistics company saw electricity supplier self-built logistics; see the importance of logistics for the electricity supplier, they begin to rely on their own logistics network of e-commerce business, which is an upside down decision-making, is likely to lead to its e-commerce failed to form a competitive business, logistics business is gradually losing its competitiveness.

In short, the current e-commerce logistics and third party logistics and self-Game mainly reflected a lack of suitable e-commerce features of third-party logistics services.

Third Party Logistics is the logistics in the overall context of low levels of development together. Electricity supplier is actually self-built logistics enterprises in commerce logistics to make up the short board, in the existing third-party logistics unable to meet their development needs in the case of strategic choice; does not exclude electricity supplier in the bigger enterprise's logistics sector After stronger, become independent third-party logistics companies, providing services for the electrical and commercial enterprises.

Therefore, the existing third-party logistics enterprises in order to continue to provide electricity supplier business services, it is necessary to really understand the characteristics of e-commerce, electronic business enterprise development meets the needs of e-commerce logistics services.

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