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Third-party logistics is a top priority

Analysts said the price increases difficult to follow suit

Since the beginning of this year, the courier industry prices occurred repeatedly matters. January, through courier price increases, price increase of 0.5 yuan -2 yuan; September, tact Express again, prices, price increases for 1 yuan; October, most of the line SFExpress raise prices, or 2% -4%; when to December, following the October through courier raised their prices again after one yuan per ticket will increase 1 yuan express delivery fee.

Although the increase is not high, but prices continue to be exposed so that industry news or the parties concerned will therefore follow the trend in the industry to form a wave of price increases, which, the reporter contacted a number of courier companies that consultation, many courier companies as the industry, for whether the prices being inconclusive.

According to this reporter learned that STO has long been in the business department, said six weeks ago that began to rise, or 1 million, however, the actual implementation process are quite flexible, "If it is regular customers, and that a dollar can also be reduced The. "There STO cooperation with business people on the" Securities Daily "said.

In addition, the reporter has learned that the same line at the camp industry sales department claimed SF Express has not yet received notice of price increases. It is worth noting that there are courier companies of the newspaper analysis, price information is purely speculation, "such a highly competitive industry, how will go up?"

For this situation, clear Research Center Zhang Yanan accept the "Securities Daily" interview, introduction, since 2009, heard the news of price increases throughout the industry, "(price) itself and seasonal correlation, indeed around the Spring Festival express industry labor shortage very serious, which makes the company's human costs continue to rise, this time prices excusable. "However, Zhang Yanan also believes that although the prices associated with the season, but have had brewing process. As to whether the industry price increases due to the formation of leading enterprises to follow suit conditions, they should according to the strength of each enterprise point of view, "If the service is not good, not price is not able to win the market."

Integrated logistics soon

In addition to labor costs, some market participants believe that the pre-holiday peak online shopping has become the express industry one of the factors boosting prices, which, Zhang Yanan that the arrival of the peak online shopping prices with the courier relationship does exist.

Public information, because the approach of the end of major e-commerce sites have launched all kinds of promotional activities, and this factor coupled with the surge in holiday courier, the courier company ushered in the last storm positions. As an important part of e-commerce, e-commerce and the rapid development of efficient logistics system breaks related, but with the continuous development of e-commerce, logistics capabilities lag makes electricity suppliers are constrained situation more and more obvious, therefore, electronic Business enterprise self-built logistics system, and more analysts believe that, with the electricity supplier self-built logistics system compared to the integration of third-party logistics is a top priority.

In fact, for the development of logistics integration policy level early in the action, in 2011 six months late, China Post Express will be released to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions advice, will actively support the delivery of corporate mergers and acquisitions, taxation, land and other incentives to promote 5 years, cultivate a group of more than ten billion annual revenue, with strong international competitiveness of large courier companies.

Clear Research Center study reported that the policy is expected compared to the scale development of logistics enterprises, the majority of Chinese third-party logistics industry enterprises far. A speedy development of the industry from the perspective of Chinese third-party logistics enterprise integration soon.

It is clear Research Center data show that the first half of 2005 to 2011, China's logistics industry, the number of merger cases 29 cases, the amount of which has been disclosed in the case of mergers and acquisitions is 20 onwards, 13 cases of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate mergers and acquisitions have since four VC / PE Support. Judging from the calendar year of mergers and acquisitions in 2010, more M & A events, it has been revealed 15 cases of M & A events, this aspect express thanks to the development of the logistics industry, the rapid expansion of large logistics companies in the merger process is often selected chain downstream to the "quick" expansion of its business lines, on the other hand, in 2009 the introduction of laws and regulations related to courier, logistics and industry practitioners to set a higher threshold for enterprises, some SMEs are subject to funds, had to choose to be mergers and acquisitions be subsisting.

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