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Goods "flying" also has the first-class cabin optional!

Cargo plane also can choose the first-class cabin, high-end economy class or economy class? Recently, the new Southern freight Tang Wing system class freight management function, make this idea become a reality. Shipper or freight Proxy Companies simply login Tang Wing system, you can choose the goods in different levels of accommodation in the "seat", this is the first in the domestic airlines. At present, this function has been in the southern Guangzhou to Lanzhou, Chengdu, Kunming and Chongqing on the four routes into trial operation.

It is reported, China Southern Airlines to implement grade class freight sales model, is by multiple dimensions to the type of goods, weight, transportation time, make service air freight service standards of different grades, different prices, so that customers can according to the demand of more flexible, free to choose.

China Southern Airlines Service is divided into A, B, C three grades, respectively, first-class service module, high-end service module and common service module. At the same time, China Southern Airlines cargo loading and unloading departments in accordance with the A, B, C sorting, will guarantee the high grade goods first installed, priority of transport. Reportedly, China Southern Airlines domestic freight products Express, special safeguard goods, small goods will enjoy A grade first-class cabin service.

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