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How to make customs declaration for inward and outward express consignments!

A, express the declaration

1, express the declaration and inspection shall be carried out in the place where the customs office operation time and specialized regulatory sites in. For outside the customs office hours or specialized regulatory sites, prior to the approval of the customs, and the customs free to provide the necessary offices and necessary facilities.

2, the entry documents, should be in the transport declaration entry within 24 hours after the customs declaration formalities; exit express delivery, transport should be in 4 hours before the departure to the customs declaration formalities.

3, the operator operating business of inward and outward express consignments, shall bear the following obligations:

(1) the timely submission of express clearance required documents, materials to the customs, and truthfully declare the express carrier.

(2) Notice, the sender receives payment or collection agent, the sender to pay the express import and export tax. In accordance with the provisions of the inward and outward express consignments to pay the fees, supervision fees.

(3) in addition to the customs may, within the time limit shall be regulated express store in the establishment of special customs supervision warehouse, and safekeeping. Without the approval of the customs, may not be within the supervision period shipment handling, opening, in packaging, extraction, delivery, shipment or other operation. "The supervision period" refers to the inward express consignments from transport to declare to the customs to clear the customs check; situation express consignments shall declare to the customs to transport the departure check.

(4) the customs express, the operator shall classify the express. Customs inspection of shipments, the operator shall send staff arrived at the scene, and is responsible for the express transport, open, repackaging.

(5) was found to contain prohibited items express situation, must not be disposed of without authorization, shall immediately notify and assist the customs processing.

4, unless otherwise specified, A, B, C three class courier according to the following provisions of customs clearance:

Express by a KJ1 declaration, the total bill, every express waybill, invoice to the customs declaration formalities.

B, C two, KJ3 KJ2 respectively by the customs declaration, MAWB, each express waybill, invoice for customs clearance formalities at the customs.

According to the provisions of the declaration of A, B, C three kinds of express delivery, customs according to the situation, may require the operator prior to release of the articles provide a detailed written materials and articles related to the.

5, D express they shall present to the customs declaration of export goods and import goods, goods import and export related documents for customs clearance procedures.

6, the customs to meet regulatory requirements express, can accept the operator through electronic data interchange (EDI) mode declaration. Through the EDI mode to the customs declaration and through written documents to the customs declaration shall have the same legal effect.

Two, courier express the declaration

1, the operator through a carrier inward and outward express consignments, it shall go through the archival filing formalities of examination and approval to the customs according to the provisions of. After the examination and approval by the local customs, to "courier express registration certificate", the operator by Customs issued by the certificate of customs clearance procedures.

2, courier express delivery should be operating in the place where the customs designated by the Customs within the port of entry and exit, and according to the above (a) for customs clearance procedures provisions.

3, the operator shall be professionals express entry and exit time, shipping routes, transport aircraft (car), a detailed and submitted to the Customs for the record. The situation needs to be changed, the operator shall in the first 15 daily please local customs approval.

4, courier express should use special packaging, the packaging should be marked the operator's name and "courier mail".

Three, note

The following items express package, respectively, in accordance with the relevant provisions of customs clearance:

(1) articles for personal use.

(2) foreign embassies, consulates and personnel entry and exit of public, private goods.

(3) the specialized agencies, the United Nations and other international organizations in China representative office and its staff members of the public, private goods entering or leaving the country.

(4) foreign resident agencies and their personnel into or out of the public, private goods.

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