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The related documents of export documents!

A bill.

The 1 bill behavior

(1) ticket

(2) the payee endorsement endorsement is made certain comments on the back or the bill, said the transfer of bills behavior. Transfer called the endorser, transferred called the endorsee. Transferee can add endorsement, and then transfer out, so, a bill can be repeatedly transfer. Endorsement types:

1) blank endorsement: endorsement only signature, no filling.

2) endorsement: endorsement signature and add the ticket to the designated person.

3) endorsement restriction: constraints of the indorser signature and filling the ticket.

(3) present in the forward payment or request to sign or acceptance, by the holder of the bill to the drawee.

(4) check to see the holder must first request to the drawee drawee sign to see, see bills, except for immediate payment forthwith, long-term to be signed endorsement on the bill to see the words, under the signature, date and some comments such as "see ticket date 30 days after the payment.".

(5) the provisions of acceptance bill acceptance, before payment, must by the holder to the drawee for acceptance, namely the payer in the bill in front of annotation words after acceptance, signature, date and a few notes.

(6) when the bill presentment to the drawee for acceptance by the refusal of acceptance, in the holder to participate in the acceptor, as acceptance behavior, by his comment "on the bill in the accepted" and the date of signature. Acceptor for honour does not become the principal debtor of bill acceptor, he only in the drawee refuses to pay, only negative payment obligations.

(7) ensure that the guarantee of bills is to ensure that particular debtor on the bill pay the fare guarantee.

(8) payment sight is the prompt payment forthwith, long-term is due for payment.

(9) refuse to accept and refuse to pay the holder to bill reminders, accepted refused acceptance; or due to be the drawee refuses to pay, should be to the protest. Refusal by the holder within the statutory time limit for payment to the notary public or other authorized agencies issued proof issued by the drawee refuses to legal documents acceptance or refusal to pay. The holder does not have to presentment for payment is made in the protest, then forward hand book people exercise the right of recourse.

(10) recourse Geneva bill law, negotiable instruments by the statute of limitation and lose the right of recourse. For example, the acceptor of rights from the due date is valid for 3 years, the holder of the right of recourse before hand as a protest to date or the date of maturity of 1 years; the indorser recourse and settlement by fare and forward hand to recourse, from the date of liquidation are valid for 6 months.

Category 2 Bills

(1) a bill of exchange is issued by the drawer and drawee as agreed by the payment deadline (a spot or forward) to the designated payee unconditionally pay a certain amount of instruction.

(2) the drawee promissory note promissory note is the drawer I.

(3) the payer is bank cheque.

Two. Transport documents

1 types of shipping documents

(1) the export out of warehouse receipt or bill of lading

(2) customs declaration of export goods or export goods

(3) the export goods consignment note

2 types of shipping documents

(1) the ocean bill of lading

(2) commissioned by booking single change

(3) the railway

(4) cargo receipt

(5) continental bridge transportation receipt

(6) the air waybill

(7) parcel post receipt

Three. The commercial invoice and packing list

The effect of 1 of the invoice

(1) the seller and the buyer receiving goods, payment receipt and payment and accounting vouchers.

(2) the seller and the buyer for customs clearance.

(3) the seller Shanzhi documents basis.

(4) in the sight is not issued draft case, the seller invoices to the buyer's receipt.

2 the content of invoices

(1) shall indicate the "invoice" or "invoice".

(2) should be the Department of export unit full name and address.

(3) shall state the importer's name, address.

(4) stated in the invoice number and contract number.

(5) indicate the origin and destination.

(6) merchandise description.

(7) shipping marks and numbers.

(8) the necessary statement.

(9) import licence number.

(10) the exporter signature.

(11) the CCPIT certificate.

(12) the consular visa.

Customs invoice four.

1 customs invoice role

(1) for importers to submit the verification and valuation of goods tax.

(2) provide evidence of origin of goods.

(3) for the importing country customs inspection of goods in the domestic market price, to confirm whether the dumping.

(4) the statistics.

There are many different format invoice customs 2 countries, attention please specific operations.

3 customs invoice drawing

(1) the corresponding project and commercial invoice must be completely consistent.

(2) shall be listed in the domestic market price or cost, attention should be paid to the FOB price lower than the selling.

(3) the accurate accounting of the freight, insurance premium and packing.

(4) customs invoice should be based on the bill of lading the consignee or notifying the payee.

(5) sign the customs invoice people by the export unit is responsible for staff signature, that must be signed by other researchers, is not the same person.

The insurance document five.

The policy behind the printed clauses, positive shall contain the following contents:

(1) the name of the insured

(2) mark

(3) the name of the goods

(4) the amount of insurance, general at invoice value plus 10%.

(5) the name of the vessel or shipping tool

(6) operation date

(7) rate, generally fill "As arranged".

(8) the transport start-stop points.

(9) risks do not, according to the general C.I.C. clause covers.

(10) loss place, generally in the insurance to pay reparations.

(11) the date the policy.

Certificate of origin in six.

China has many different issuance of certificate of origin issued, they are:

The 1 China Council for the promotion of international trade certificate of origin

Generalized system of preferences certificate of origin 2

Certificate of origin in 3 European Economic Community

4 of the United States export declaration of country of origin

Certificate of origin in 5 other

Seven certificate of inspection of goods.

The 1 China national inspection agency inspection certificate

(1) certificate of quality inspection

(2) the inspection certificate of weight

(3) the number of inspection certificate

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